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Seven stunning nature documentaries on Netflix UK

Posted at 10:15 am, November 2, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, TV
Netflix UK Nature documentary

Mmm, nature. When your hangover heart’s a-poundin’ and all is lost, perhaps we can all take solace in a David Attenborough voiceover and all of Mother Nature’s miraculous miracles. That is, of course, until the inevitable segment about a wasp laying her eggs inside a baby deer’s eye socket. You too can play the game we like to call ‘Aww!’ or ‘ARGH’ Roulette on Netflix UK, where some of the UK’s most breathtaking iconic nature documentaries reside. In fact, there’s around 46½ hours viewing in the seven BBC classics below, so you’d better get started.

1) Frozen Planet. 2011. 6 episodes.

2) Blue Planet, 2001, 8 episodes.

3) Human Planet, 2011, 8 episodes.

4) The Life Of Mammals, 2002. 10 episodes.

5) The Life of Birds, 1998. 10 episodes

6) Life, 2009. 10 episodes.

7) Africa, 2013. 6 episodes.

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