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Love life a stinker? Come to your senses at a Pheromone Party

Posted at 10:00 am, November 3, 2014 in Fun London
Pheromone party

If you think being single stinks, it’s about time you sniffed out a sexy new love match. No, we don’t mean sticking your nose into the armpits of strangers at the pub, we’re talking about something far more classy – pheromone parties, darling.

East London bar Stories will be hosting London’s third ever Pheromone Party on Tuesday December 9 – bring a t-shirt you’ve slept in for three nights in a freezer bag, put it on the pile and then start sniffing other people’s dirty jim jams in an attempt to find a chemical match. Ideally, you’ll be entranced by one particular set of pheromones, they’ll be a hottie, you’ll chat and BOOM, romance and sexy time ensues. In reality, you’ll get drunk, whiff some sweaty shirts and end up chatting up the person you find most physically attractive, regardless of how good they smell. But hey, that’s works just as well too.  As it’s happening in December, the party will be Christmas-themed with mulled wine, a festive tombola, Santa’s little helper on hand to get everyone mingling and, we’d imagine, bucket loads of mistletoe.

Tickets go on sale today at 11am at pheromoneparty3.eventbrite.co.uk. Find out more details about the Xmas Pheromone Party and read all about when we went to the first one earlier this year

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