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Giant ‘fatberg’ found in sewer under Whitehall

Posted at 4:15 pm, November 5, 2014 in News

Photo: Thames Water

Sewers – everyone’s favourite bit of London. Especially when they’re blocked by huge, gross mounds of lard known as ‘fatbergs’.

One of the worst fatbergs in London has been found by Thames Water in a sewer under Whitehall (yup, where loads of government buildings are). Containing nail varnish pots, condoms and sanitary products, it’s thought the vast blockage has been caused by food waste from Regent Street and West End eateries.


Photo: Thames Water

Dave Dennis, Thames Water sewer manager told ITV London: ‘A fatberg is when people put fat and oil down the sink. It all congeals into these big huge rocks like this that block up all the sewage system. It’s like concrete.

‘Sewers are used these days literally like rubbish ground. Not just fat; it’s everyday rubbish toiletry items, waste items, I mean we’ve got a plank of wood here that’s never going to go down a main sewer.’

Remember this Kingston fatberg? Yuck. 

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