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London could save £40 million by turning off traffic lights at night

Posted at 8:00 am, November 5, 2014 in News, Transport
Traffic Lights

Everyone loves a good money saver, so how about saving a huge £40 million and reducing air pollution simultaneously? A new report has the answers. (No, it’s not ‘ride a bike’, smart arse.)

Richard Tracey, author of the Green Light Report and London Assembly Tory transport spokesman, reckons he has found a way of cutting congestion, saving £40 million and 170 million wasted hours queueing in traffic over the next four years. No time to read the report? No probs, here are a few highlights:

So hit me, how can we save all this dollar? Turn the traffic lights off at 80 percent of London’s junctions between midnight and 6am. They already do it in parts of Europe and South America.

Err, okay, but how will that benefit me? It would cut delays across the city by 2,251 hours each day, so that’s less time sat frustratedly staring at the red lights and less costly petrol wasted (kerching!).

I don’t own a car. Well that taxi ride will be quicker, and think of the time and money saved on your bus rides.

Cool. But surely turning the lights off will cause traffic accidents? Oh ye of little faith. The affected junctions would adopt the rules of the roundabout, so drivers would just give way to the right.

Richard’s report suggests trialling the idea at 100 junctions, so don’t freak out if the lights turn off, just play it cool and think of the massive wad of cash the city’s saving.

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