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Video: Swan causes a flap at Heathrow airport

Posted at 4:30 pm, November 10, 2014 in News

A just-released video shows a cheeky swan causing chaos at Heathrow Airport on November 3. In the clip, the badass bird wanders on to the runway and gives security the slip.

In what looks like a sketch the Chuckle Brothers would be proud of, the SWANted criminal manages to squeeze out of arm’s reach every time an airport worker goes to to grab it, causing the runway to be closed for nine minutes. (No flights were delayed as a result.)

A spokesperson for Heathrow told the Evening Standard that animals are a hazard on the runway because they can get caught in aeroplane engines. He said: ‘Heathrow’s bird hazard management team responded quickly and safely removed the swan to reopen the runway. Once rescued, the swan was taken to our animal reception centre to be properly looked after by the onsite team.’

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