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Baking Bad: Someone turned ‘Breaking Bad’ into a series of AMAZING desserts

Posted at 1:30 pm, November 12, 2014 in Food & Drink, TV
Walter and Jesse - Breaking Bad

‘Breaking Bad’ was pretty sweet, huh? Well now it’s even sweeter, thanks to a recipe book that runs through the show season by season, devising a number of of awesome cakes, biscuits, sweets – and the odd savoury dish – to accompany key scenes. Written by Walter Wheat (arf), the level of geek detail that’s gone into the book is pretty unbelievable. Here are ten pics of our fave recipes.    MR-WHITE

Season 1
Mr White’s Tighty Whitey Bites

Remember the opening shot of the show? Where Walt barrels an RV into the desert, clad only in Y-fronts and gas mask? Of course you do. Well, here’s the gingerbread version.


 Jesse’s Jell-O Acid Tub

You mightn’t think you could create a dessert out of that icky scene where Jesse fills his bath with acid and tries to use it to dissolve a corpse/redecorate his downstairs hallway. You’d be wrong. Note the body part sweets.


Season 2
Recurring Pink Bear Bites

Is it wrong to want to eat the pink teddy bear of a kid who died in an air disaster? Probably. But hey: it’s the pink teddy from the Wayfarer 515 aerial disaster that crops up throughout the second season as a biscuit!


Tortuga Tart

Oh man, we love this. It’s the scene where the Mexican cartel send Hank the severed head of an informant on a tortoise, transformed into a ham and vegetable tart. Even better, it’s not gonna detonate when you put it into your mouth.


Season 3
Saul’s Kosher Dog

S’all good man, when you call… a hot dog that looks like a slimy lawyer. That’s BBQ sauce and mayo for Saul’s hair, gherkins for tie and feet, mustard for a shirt and a little piece of chilli for a bluetooth headset. Better call for a napkin.


Season 4
Marie’s Light Fingers

Essentially a set of fairly plain sponge fingers based on purple-wearing menace Marie. But there’s meringue in there to make them less heavy than your standard sponge. Because, kleptomaniac that she was, she had light fingers. Geddit?


Fring Pops

That moment where ol’ half-face Gus just about manages to step out of Hector Salamanca’s room in a retirement home before keeling over. Except in a cakepop. Naturally.


Season 5
Walt’s Birthday Platter

The opening scene of series five – where Walt breaks his bacon into the number 52 to celebrate his birthday – is kinda bitter. So, obviously, when recreating it, you sweeten it up by making eggs from tinned peach yolks with squirty cream whites, create hash browns out of fried coconut shavings and bacon from fruit candy with icing sugar stripes.


Skyler’s Late Night Dip

A recreation of Skyler’s late-night swimming pool breakdown, this dish deliberately picks a nutso combination of ingredients – mini taco Skylers to be dipped into a pool of orange juice and tequila flavoured with chilli and garlic – that it will also convince anyone you serve it to that you too have finally flipped.


Walt’s Buried Barrel Dessert

A cake-based recreation of the desert where Walt (sort of) finally stashes his remaining millions. Kudos to the creators for the titular pun on dessert/desert.

Baking Bad - Breaking Bad Cookbook

‘Baking Bad’ is out now published by Orion Books and costs £9.99. Find out more at orionbooks.co.uk.

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