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So this is why the ‘Melting House’ in Southwark is melting

Posted at 12:15 pm, November 12, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

Alex Chinneck Melting House © Chris Tubbs
Have you seen the melting wax house on Southwark Street yet? This Merge Festival installation, by Alex Chinneck, has been slowly melting over the past 45 days. By Nov 18, it’ll be little more than a puddle of goop and a roof. In fact, it now looks more like this…

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You may find yourself wondering, though, exactly what weak-ass wax this house is made of, given that it’s melting in the chilly climes of an autumnal London.

Well, Londoner Simon Pearson has captured the method behind the melting. And it’s a lot less subtle than you might have imagined:

Melting Wax House, Southwark, London

[Photo: Simon Pearson]

Says Pearson, “That melting wax house by Alex Chinneck is not gently disintegrating. It is being scorched nightly with blowtorches by men on small hydraulic platforms, when they think we are sleeping.”

And that, friends, is why you never ask magicians how they do their tricks.

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