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Video: London glows in slow-mo iPhone music video

Posted at 6:00 pm, November 12, 2014 in Music & Nightlife

London on a sunny day is a many-splendoured thing, but there’s also quite a lot going for it in rainy mode, as this video rather sweetly shows. It’s all huddled, slo-mo warmth and dreamy lights twinkling in the puddles, and the shots of a swollen Thames filmed in hyperlapse are kinda breathtaking. Heck – it even makes commuting look bearable.

The video was made by Hampshire-based band The Grizzly Folk, who created it with Three Mobile on the iPhone 6 in an attempt to put the phone’s camera through its paces. The band’s guitarist, Jon Wilks, says the video is a tribute to his fellow London commuters: ‘I’m 6 foot 3, so I’ve knocked knees with a good number of them beneath those tiny train tables. I feel your pain – quite literally.’

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