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‘Hellraiser’ bus stop mystery solved!

Posted at 10:00 am, November 13, 2014 in Fun London


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Back in June, we gave you the lowdown on a VHS copy of ‘Hellraiser’ that kept appearing on top of the Number 21 bus stop by Lidl on Old Kent Road.

A copy of the 1987 horror film had sat on top of the shelter for the past few years before it was joined by a second copy back in 2013. Then new copies started popping up on other shelters on the 21 bus route in south-east London and in Stoke Newington. (You can read the abut full saga here.)

It seems the mystery has now been solved. Earlier this week, an anonymous tipster called into BBC Radio 4 Short Cuts to explain that, while they hadn’t left the first copy on the bus stop, they have been maintaining it since.

They said:

‘I started seeing it [the first copy of ‘Hellraiser’] up there on my way to work. That’s if I got a seat on the top deck, in the left front side of the bus. I usually rode the 21 down the Old Kent Road. I like to make visual art and often try to use the everyday environment outside. After a while I came up with the idea of “21 on the 21”. The first video purposefully placed out there landed right next to that original and was done on December 21 2012.  And with the idea of the bus stop being a raised platform, then the elements really erasing the hell off Pinhead’s visage slowly away from the bus riders, I felt the words and numbers were on my side. So I started the process. There’s been other Hellraisers along the route of the 21, one even on an N21. The idea is for 21 to be put out over time, hence the name “21 on the 21.”‘

For now, the cassette emplacement only continues…

Read the full interview here

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