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TfL announces fare changes for 2015

Posted at 8:00 am, November 13, 2014 in News, Transport
Oyster Card - TFl money from lost oysters.

Listen up you spontaneous pay as you go travellers. Whether you’re tapping that Oyster or touching that contactless card, as of 2015 things are about to get a whole lot cheaper. Yay!

No need to feel jealous of those regular commuters and their stable prepaid travelcard fares, as the cost of using PAYG on London transport will be capped at a much lower price in 2015. Why? (Who cares!) Seriously though, it’s the result of a campaign that asked for a part-time travelcard that would suit London workers who don’t work your standard five-day week but join the masses at peak time every now and then. The reduced daily capping also obliterates this whole confusion over whether contactless is cheaper than Oyster cards, since both will be exactly the same. Phew, glad that’s cleared up.

Gone will be the days of peak and off-peak caps, as this new system will introduce a set cap for each zone. This is great for those of you irregularly travelling at peak times, but not so great for you lot travelling off-peak as the cap will unfortunately be a little higher.

Continuing with that bit of negative news, the cost of seven-day travelcards is also increasing by somewhere between 2.2 and 2.5 percent. Single bus fares are increasing by 5p. Oh, and single cash fares are going up by 10p too, or 20-30p for anyone travelling further than zone 5.  And say goodbye to those cheap and easy day travelcards, because they’re going too. (Ergh, and it was all going so well!)

See all the new fares now at tfl.gov.uk.

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