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London artist plans to live in virtual reality for a month

Posted at 4:15 pm, November 19, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
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A London-based artist is planning to live life through someone else’s eyes for a month. Mark Farid is raising funds for a project titled ‘Seeing-i’, which will involve him wearing virtual reality technology for a month.

Mark will remain in a glass-walled room for 28 days while he’s immersed in the life of an anonymous stranger known only as ‘Input’. The stranger will wear a Google Glass-style camera that will connect to Mark’s headset so that Mark can eat, sleep and shower at the same time as his virtual twin. He also experience everything else ‘Input’ does – from going to work, to grabbing groceries and having sex.

Mark hopes the project will help him explore what the true meaning of ‘real’ is in a digital age. He says: ‘I see who we are as a construct of society and want to find out to what extent it’s possible to lose the sense of one’s self, myself.’ Visitors will be able to visit Mark at anytime of day during the project, except for the hour he spends with a psychoanalyst. He might need it!

It’s hoped the experiment will take place in summer 2015 or at the latest early 2016.

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