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Watch a show-off London biker get stopped by the police for pulling a wheelie

Posted at 1:20 pm, November 19, 2014 in Fun London

Ah, another viral video where a show-off driver films himself clowning around on London’s roads. But this one’s a little different.A Suzuki motorbike rider was filming himself pulling a wheelie in London’s Square Mile when he got stopped by a policeman and kept on filming. Despite trying to defend his dangerous driving by saying he hadn’t exceeded 22mph, the motorbike rider gets a stern telling off the the officer in the clip.

The officer says: ‘I ride one of them. Don’t give me any of your old flannel, all right? This is dangerous riding.’ Then he tells the driver to keep filming: ‘Leave it [the camera] on, then you can tell all of your friends about the big telling off you got from the policeman on the horse.’

Burrrrrn. Maybe the anonymous rider should stick to Boris Bikes from now on. 


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