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Did you travel on the busiest day in tube history?

Posted at 5:30 pm, November 20, 2014 in News, Transport

Thought the tube was a tad more crammed than usual last Friday? That could be something to do with the four and half million passengers squeezed into the Underground with you.

TfL has just announced that last Friday (November 14) was their Busiest Day Ever. A stonking 4.58 million journeys were made on the tube, a figure that tops the previous record of 4.54 million on Tuesday August 7 in 2012.

The now-second-busiest day was at the time of the London Olympic games madness so kinda makes sense, but why was it so busy last Friday? Was Beyoncé cruising the Central line? Was everybody rushing to a 100 percent discount sale at COS? Sadly no. It was MasterCard’s Fare Free Friday, so evidently everyone with a MasterCard went crazy with their contactless cards.

It was a pretty busy week on the tube anyway, recorded as the second busiest behind a week during the Olympic games in 2012.

Despite our crazy house prices, London is the most popular city in the world, and our population is predicted to reach around ten million by 2030.

By Laura Sagar

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