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Women of London, shut down central London at the Reclaim the Night march

Posted at 5:15 pm, November 21, 2014 in News
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You’ll probably have heard the recent news that the Home Office barred American ‘pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc from coming to the UK to dish out his violent tips on how to date women. Good work Government, this is one small step for feminism, one large public kicking for misogyny.

If you want to continue the fight against sexist creeps like Julien, and protest against rape and sexual violence against women, get yourself along to the women-only Reclaim the Night march happening this Saturday November 22. Yes, it will be dark, probably quite cold and maybe even wet but that shouldn’t stop you getting involved. You’ll be one of millions of women across the world who are marking the annual United Nations Day to End Violence Against Women (which takes place on Nov 25). This is the tenth year since the Reclaim the Night marches were revived in London and now each November, women get together to close the streets of central London as they march on through making some serious noise.

So bring drums, whistles, tambourines or any other noisemaking equipment you have to hand, make a placard, wrap up warm, and invite your mum, aunt, sister, girlfriend and mates to join you, Any guys who want to be involved can join the Men’s Vigil at the Edith Cavell Statue in St Martin’s Place or to attend the mixed rally at the Camden Centre in King’s Cross later in the evening.

Marchers, meet at Whitehall Place at 6pm. Find out more at reclaimthenight.co.uk.

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