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In pictures: world champion athlete does Parkour in London… naked

Posted at 4:15 pm, November 24, 2014 in Fun London, News, Photos of London

Man & Mortar© Jason Paul

Tourists snapping London’s architecture and Underground may have had quite a shock if they were near Tim Shieff when he stripped off to free-run around London.

The parkour world champion has been photographed balancing on the edge of buildings, scaling walls and jumping across small ledges on rooftops. The risky poses are enough to make your palms get sweaty, and then added to that, there’s the fact that Tim just happens to be butt naked while he’s doing it. The series of photos entitled ‘Man & Mortar’ were taken by fellow athlete Jason Paul.

The outcome is amazing, we love the one of him running across the rooftop…

Man & Mortar Man & Mortar Man & Mortar

Man & Mortar  

Man & Mortar 

Man & Mortar 

Man & Mortar

You can buy prints of these superb snaps at beautifulcrime.com. The project is supported by Jamie Oliver and a percentage of the sales going to Fifteen. All photos © Jason Paul

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