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In memoriam: the 16 best Facebook photos from White Heat at Madame Jojo’s

Posted at 6:17 pm, November 25, 2014 in Music & Nightlife
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As you’ve probably heard by now, Madame Jojo’s has closed down. The Soho venue lost its licence after a fight broke out between bouncers and a member of the public outside the front door.

Jojo’s opened in the ’50s, and over the past ten years became synonymous with legendary weekly club night White Heat. Running every Tuesday evening, the night was founded by Olly Parker and Matty Hall in 2003 – later joined by Marcus Harris in 2006 ≠ and is one of the last remaining indie nights in London.

While this isn’t the end for White Heat (the organisers are on the hunt for a new venue), it does mark the end of an era. In tribute to the night’s decade at Jojo’s, we asked Marcus to pick his favourite Facebook photos of White Heat’s time at the venue.

1. Theophilus London

‘I’ll always remember this night as having the most dedicated crowd ever. Throughout the whole set, arms were up in unison with Theophilus as he stayed in complete control of everyone.’

2.  Cyril Hahn’s set

‘This was taken right at the start of Cyril Hahn’s set earlier this year. This was the most sold out show ever. The room was at total breaking point and there were about 100 people out in the street who couldn’t get in. When he hit his first drop it was euphoric.’


3. DJ request

‘You get a lot of really bad requests as a DJ so it’s always appreciated when you get something like this.’


4. White Heat WAGs

‘White Heat WAGs! Tash Haggertay, Naomi Lyon and Suzy O’Connor. Suzy isn’t technically a WAG but she’s so awesome she might as well be.’


5. Matty

‘Matthew Hall. The man. The Legend. Without whom White Heat wouldn’t exist. In his element, effortlessly cool as usual. I’ve learned everything I know from him. He’s honestly like a father to me.’


6. Anti-deaf devices

‘When you’re in da club you become accustomed to the loud volume and when you’re drunk it’s a million times worse, we have these to stop everyone going deaf.’


7. Azari & III

‘This show was a complete secret and yet somehow we managed to get 200 people down to a show that wasn’t happening. The guys were vogueing with the crowd and it was the first time I ever saw twerking. They always come and visit us when they’re in town too.’


8. Misbehaviour

‘A picture says a thousand words. When we had a regular photographer we used to get messages the next day begging for certain photos not to be put up. There was so much misbehaviour.’


9. Deap Vally

‘I think this photo sums up just how glamorous Jojo’s is. That little backroom was a law unto itself.’


10. Johnny Hostile & Jehnny Beth

‘This was a really intense live electronic show that the duo, who run Pop Noire Recordings, usually save for after-parties and behind closed doors. We put them on at midnight and it worked so well.’


11. Seasick Steve!


12. Olly

‘Olly, the one holding the tambourine, started White Heat with Matty. He used to work at Rough Trade and every Saturday he’d give me a pile of records to work my way through, he used to let me staple my zine together in the back of the office and eventually he let me DJ at White Heat. So I owe Olly everything. As with Matty, without Olly there would be no White Heat.’


13. My favourite

‘This is my favourite White Heat photo (and not because I’m DJing). It’s the epitome of what that place is like in full swing. It just looks so cool. It’s the back of my “business” card.’


14. More kissing

‘So much kissing happened at White Heat. It’s got a bit of a reputation.’


15.  We ride together, we die together


16. RIP Madame Jojo’s, you are truly irreplaceable


Sign the petition to save Madame Jojo’s now.

Sadly, the Buffalo Bar in Highbury is closing too! Read more about it here.

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