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Visualised: the 3,500 planes that fly into or out of London each day

Posted at 8:15 am, November 26, 2014 in Maps, Transport
NATS Visualisation 1

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes it is, it is a plane. In fact there are over 3,000 flights arriving or departing London each day, and National Air Traffic Control has released a rather lovely video visualising 24 hours of UK airspace traffic. You’ll oooh:

NATS VIsualisation 3You’ll ahhh:

NATS Visualisation 2

And you’ll… well, just watch the video:

Told you it was nice. If you’d rather watch flights in gripping realtime (while thanking the lord you aren’t an air traffic controller) then Flight Radar 24 is the site for you.

Flight Radar 24 GIF

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