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Wicked idea: London’s first Theatre Cafe

Posted at 1:30 pm, November 27, 2014 in Food & Drink, News

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Cat cafés? Boring. Post Office cafés? Old news. Theatre cafés? Say what now? Yep, there’s a new contender in the battle to find the weirdest thing to twin with our daily caffeine intake.

London is about to get its very own theatre café. Can we expect to be entertained by chorus lines, told stories by stage hands and have Shakespearean soliloquies delivered to us while we sip our hot drinks? Well, no, actually, The Theatre Cafe (no fancy French accent here) is the brainchild of London Theatre Bookings and is the latest version of their attempt to flog us theatre tickets. Essentially you can pop in, buy a coffee, get a cake, choose what West End show you want to watch and buy your tickets in a leisurely fashion (depending on how many cups you’ve had).

Owners Jill and Joe Davey are hoping that the café may eventually hold mini events (there’s only room for about 25 people) but when it opens on Jan 12 next year, it will stick to play tickets and rocket fuel.

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