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Arrrgh, there be treasure in them (Primrose) Hills! Pocket a piece of priceless art this weekend

Posted at 1:30 pm, November 28, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
Stand Proud, Stand Out - Dom Pattinson

As of this morning, ten multicoloured zebras are hiding between Euston and Hampstead. The priceless creations by urban artist Dom Pattinson are part of his ‘free art’ campaign, which kicked off in New York City in July when Pattinson and fellow artist Sean Sullivan pasted original pieces on walls and bins around SoHo. 

That stunt got Pattinson noticed by megastar (and mega heartthrob) George Clooney, who commissioned Pattinson to create a wedding present for Brangelina. Now Pattinson’s pieces rarely go for less than £6,000. You could probably get a real zebra for that money, but it wouldn’t fit above your mantel, so see if you can bag one of Pattinson’s, which will be hiding out until Sunday night (if they’re not all snapped up by then).

Titled ‘Stand Proud, Stand Out’, these set of zebras represent gay rights, human rights and equality and come as part of a show Pattinson is hosting to raise funds to help fight Ebola. The exhibition opens on December 11 at Primrose Hill’s Utopia Studios, 7 Chalcott Rd, NW1 8LH.

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By Danielle Goldstein

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