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Art on the Underground: new tube map cover revealed

Posted at 3:45 pm, November 28, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, News
new tube map cover Daniel Buren

Time to replace that old tube map. Okay, we realise you probably haven’t picked up an actual, physical map in years, but this one is worth the effort.

Art on the Underground is in its tenth year and has commissioned French artist Daniel Buren to create the artwork for the twenty-first edition of the tube map cover series.

Yes, it is basically a load of Underground symbols, but that’s totally Buren’s thing and he’s the first of 21 different artists to feature it in his design. He’s one of France’s leading artists and is known for his use of contrasting coloured stripes and abstraction. The multitude of symbols together create a grid highlighting the many journeys undertaken on the Underground. We think the design effectively illustrates the hoards of people cramming onto the tube each morning.

TfL also commissioned Buren to make a poster (see below), in which he uses his trademark repetitive stripes. The works are titled ‘From A Single One To Millions: Ink On Paper, 2014’ and ‘From a Single One To Millions, Part 2’.

Daniel Buren tube map


Find out more at art.tfl.gov.uk, and check out some of the other designs from the last couple of years:


Rachel Whiteread, May 2014

rachel whiteread tube map

Imran Qureshi, December 2013

art on the underground


Mona Hatoum, May 2013

art on the underground


Sarah Morris, December 2012

art on the underground


Tracey Emin, May 2012

art on the underground

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