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The ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ teaser trailer has landed

Posted at 4:00 pm, November 28, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
Star Wars Force Awakens X Wing

Depending on your nerd level, you’re either about to sigh with seen-it-all ennui or experience the best 88 seconds of 2014, because the first trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is finally here. First, the disappointments: it doesn’t give us the slightest clue what’s actually going on in the new movie, which finished shooting this month. And it doesn’t give us a look at any of the classic cast members, not even Harrison Ford, whose part as Han Solo is reported to be driving the movie.

But otherwise… wow. Every Londoner should feel a thrill that the first face we see in the trailer belongs to 22-year-old ‘Attack the Block’ star John Boyega – though what he’s doing in a Stormtrooper outfit remains a mystery. From there on, it’s all gadgets and spaceships: an R2-alike robot with a wheel-shaped body, a tough-as-nails young woman on some kind of landspeeder effort, an X-wing chase over a rippling lake and what appears to be a lightsaber with two mini-me sabers attached to the hilt. All of which is just scene-setting for the main attraction: a good few seconds of the Millennium Falcon (a touch digital-looking, if we’re going to nitpick) roaring over the dunes of Tatooine and engaging with a pair of TIE fighters. Sure, the trailer is short – but it packs quite a punch.

Be sure to keep an eye on timeout.com/film for all the ‘Star Wars’ news as it comes in.

Things to be excited about

Bewildered Stormtrooper:

Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer

R2-D2 Ball Edition:

Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens - Teaser Trailer

Desert Speeder Lady:

Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer 2

Determined X-wing Guy:

Star Wars Force Awakens X Wing


Star Wars Force Awakens X Wing Trailer

This Lightsaber, Even If It Is A Rather Badly Designed Lightsaber, Considering The ‘Cross’ Portion Of A Sword Is Known As The Guard, And Is Meant To Keep Your Hand Safe, Which Is Why They’re Not Traditionally Made Of Sharp Blades:

Star Wars Force Awakens Lightsabre

This hunk of junk:

Star Wars Force Awkens Millennium Falcoln

The familiar logo:

Star Wars Force Awakens Logo

Things not to be excited about

This release date.

Star Wars Episode VII Force Awakens Release Date December 2015

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