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You can now create Spotify playlists for your Uber journeys

Posted at 5:30 pm, November 29, 2014 in Fun London
George Michael at the Closing Ceremony

Uber has just announced a team-up with Spotify that lets you play your tunes via the taxi’s soundsystem. So we’ve created a slightly cheeky, moderately naff playlist and uploaded it to Spotify for you to stream. Here are five stand-out tracks.

‘I Knew You Were Waiting (for Me)’ Aretha Franklin and George Michael
Nothing lets your driver know they’re appreciated quite like a song whose lyrics run, ‘We were drawn together through destiny’. Unless it creeps them the hell out. But that will just make them get the trip over as fast as possible. A quicker journey. Win.

‘Free Ride’ Edgar Winter Group
Burnt through all your initial Uber credit? Why not try playing this song in the hope that it subliminally suggests to your driver that he offer you a gratis journey? Yes, we know. Expecting a free journey rather than just money off is probably OTT. But Edgar Winter didn’t do a song called ‘Moderately Discounted Ride’.

‘Black Car Driving Man’ Nitrogods
This bombastic, Motörhead-esque number is definitely a statement song. That statement is: ‘I have sought out a song about black cars and their drivers, one whose lyrics roar, “I’m a black-cardriving bad motherfucker for life!” One that’s definitely not about traditional London cabs.’

‘Car Song’ Woody Guthrie
Is there anything more amusing than a grown man turning a ropey impression of a sputtering car into a two-minute country song, complete with bits where he honks out an approximation of a car horn? Yes. Playing said ropey impression to the occupants of a taxi at 3am. You’re welcome.

‘We Gotta Get out of This Place’ The Animals
If you really want to say: ‘Home, James, and don’t spare the horses’, say it with this ’60s classic. Not, admittedly, appropriate for every single journey. But absolutely perfect should you happen to have just been picked up from Clapham or Wandsworth.

To listen to our Uber-based Spotify playlist, head to timeout.com/spotify.

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