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Camden Council is spray painting dog poo luminous pink

Posted at 1:30 pm, December 2, 2014 in News

Last week we headed down the park to paint some dog poo lilac. Just another normal day in the Time Out office.

We were conducting our own mini-experiment inspired by Camden Council’s decision to stop clearing up dog poo and start spray painting it neon pink instead.

Their ingenious plan is to embarrass dog owners who let their pets plop all over the area’s parks. It’s inspired by a number of similar projects that have been successful elsewhere in the UK.

Park warden Ron Dohil gave the idea a go in Slough a few months ago, opting for a dashing bright green paint rather than pink. He claims that the strategy resulted in a 72 percent reduction in dog fouling.

He says: ‘Once the dog mess was sprayed it was so noticeable some embarrassed dog owners removed the mess their pet left behind.’

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