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Cheesecake, brownie, cashew… What ridiculous food day is your birthday?

Posted at 8:15 am, December 3, 2014 in Fun London
ridiculous food day

Happy Make a Gift Day! What? You thought it was Wednesday? Get with it grandpa, no day in the week is a simple Monday-Sunday affair any more. Today, for instance, is not just December 3 and MaGD (as we’ve catchily acronymed it), but Roof Over Your Head Day, Disability Day and Apple Pie Day. In fact, the food days are our favourites and thankfully there’s a National Food Day for every day of the year. Wanna know which one you are? Lucky for you, UsVsTh3m has put together this handy What Ridiculous Food Day is Your Birthday game!

Try it out here.

 By Danielle Goldstein

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