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Celebrity DJs: the good, the bad and the Snoopadelic

Posted at 12:00 pm, December 9, 2014 in Music & Nightlife

Compton hip hop don, quasi-Rasta and professional pothead Snoop Dogg is dropping (like it’s hot) into London tonight for a DJ set under his new alias: DJ Snoopadelic. To honour his arrival, here are six more celebs who have hit the decks, ranked from Rocking to Shocking.

 Zane Lowe

Bucking the trend massively, the Radio 1 man can structure a set, rock a festival stage and actually mix records. He’s basically a disgrace to his profession.

 Jarvis Cocker

Professionalism be damned! JC keeps things gloriously anarchic when he spins. Expect impulsive mixing, a teetering stack of 7″s and the odd bit of Jarv-a-oke.

Idris Elba

As he often reminds people, Big Driis was a DJ before ‘The Wire’. He even held down an Ibiza residency last summer, and can definitely charm a room from the ones and twos.

Giorgio Moroder

Aged 74, the disco deity took to the decks for the first time with revamped versions of his classic tunes. It all sounded a bit spring break, but he’s still a don.

Thom Yorke

We love the mighty Thom, but his penchant for playing chin-stroking techno rarely makes for a buzzing dancefloor. And that’s before you factor in his dad dancing.

Danny Dyer

Before he became the landlord at the Queen Vic, lad king Dyer frequently hit up the regional club circuit. Sadly, his sets were about as subtle as a Sambuca enema.

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