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We wish you a merry kissmas: two great places to smooch under mistletoe

Posted at 1:00 pm, December 10, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment

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Mistletoe: the perfect excuse to lure your crush into a surprise snog, because, you know, it’s mistletoe and they’re kind of obliged. If you’re planning to take full advantage of this year’s Christmas mistletoe then sneakily suggest you and your eye candy take a wander to one of these two London mistletoe locations.

The Giant Mistletoe Chandelier
Today at 8pm in Islington a huge mistletoe chandelier will be unveiled at The Old Post Office. As well as getting a lovely smooch, visitors who lock lips will also get the chance to win a pair of tickets for a show at The Almeida Theatre or a screening at the Everyman Screen.

The Electrifying Record Attempt
Looking for a more momentous smooch? There’s always Borough Market’s attempt to orchestrate 1,000 simultaneous kisses to turn on the Christmas lights and celebrate its 1,000th Christmas in Southwark. Kissers and kissees will all snuggle under a 300 square feet of ceiling of mistletoe, a piece representing everyone taking part.

David Farmer, a physicist from Royal Holloway University said: ‘We worked out that an average kiss on the cheek burns two calories per minute, which converts into approximately 150 watts – enough to power about three old light bulbs. Christmas LED lights only use about seven watts so we found that the total amount of energy generated by 1,000 one-second kisses could theoretically power Borough’s Christmas display. Harnessing this energy is hard but you can still use a kiss to turn the lights on! After lots of calculations we’re excited to bring physics to life in a fun way and show that it’s more than just facts in a textbook.’ Wow.

For a truly electric kiss join in the mass of mwahs on Tuesday December 16 at 12.30pm in New Market Hall and you’ll be forming part of a circuit that will switch on the lights in Borough Market. As it’s just a kiss on the cheek, it’s family friendly and will also feature Christmas carols sung by the Choir of Royal Holloway. Pucker up…

By Laura Sagar

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