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It’s time you designed your own watch at Nixon

Posted at 1:00 pm, December 11, 2014 in Shopping & Style
Nixon © Rob Greig

Buying a watch is a minefield. I’ve been trying to find one for as long as I can remember, but like Goldilocks, they were always too big or too small, never just right. Then I saw someone wearing a Nixon watch and was told ‘oh, you can go and design your own at the new store.’ Finally, the time had come.

Nixon © Rob Greig

The new Nixon shop on Newburgh Street sells a great selection of ready-made watches, some of which are so nice that I was almost tempted to get one of those instead of designing my own. But there’s something special about knowing you’ve picked out each part and your creation is a one-off. Watch crafter Tobias guides you through each step as you choose the face, casing and strap to suit you. Even though the styles are set, the different combos all look unique, plus you get to engrave something on the back.

Nixon © Rob Greig

The customisation service is very reasonable and doesn’t cost an extortionate amount more than if you’d just bought one of the pre-designed ones, and this way you walk away with exactly what you want. The whole experience is chilled, fun and within an hour I had the watch I’ve been looking for all those years, and gone were my excuses for being late*. It’s definitely time you visited Nixon.

 Find out more at nixon.com and book now at 0207 434 4519

*Disclaimer: the watch hasn’t made me any more punctual

By Sonya Barber. Photos by Rob Greig

Nixon © Rob Greig

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