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Spit on the street and you could face an £80 fine

Posted at 4:15 pm, December 11, 2014 in News

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Bar spitting out toothpaste into your sink, spitting really is rather vile. That hoicking up of snotty goo followed by the globule of phlegm flying from the mouth of a passing runner. Ergh! It’s so gross that we hope you appreciate us using a standard picture of London as the image rather than a puddle of frothy spit. (You’re welcome.) Anyway, we all hate it, and it seems that London Councils agree, as they have plans for a new spitting fine.

Though we hope it will deter people from spreading about their snotty germs we’re a tad sceptical at how this rule will be enforced and how strict it will be. Individual councils would be the ones policing and fining people (some already have fines in place), but the plan allows spitting with ‘reasonable excuse’ which seems a bit vague. The rules are something like this: No spitting on the streets unless it’s into a handkerchief, tissue or bin. The fine is £80 but if the spitter pays their fine within 14 days then it would be cut down to £50.

London Councils will meet today (Thursday 11) to discuss the fine system and set the penalties, so we’ll keep you posted.

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