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Foodies, catch ‘A Tale of Samurai Cooking’ this week

Posted at 2:15 pm, December 16, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment

If you’re interested in Japan, and in food, new movie ‘A Tale of Samurai Cooking’, will sate you with both. Set in Edo Period Japan – the height of samurai culture – it describes the period when the samurai of Kanazawa, many days journey from Edo (Tokyo), had to lay down their arms and adopt other professions such as cooking to keep the peace. For one protagonist the transition isn’t easy, with political unrest and honour to be redressed. However his new wife – unwanted, by an arranged marriage – shows him the way of the sword is not the only way to win hearts and minds.

For those of us particularly interested in the culinary angle, there’s copious footage of Edo Period grand kitchens at work, detailed dish shots, and – most of all – the importance of seasonality, freshness of ingredients and sense of place is accurately conveyed. The movie’s only on at the Curzon Mayfair until this Thursday, so book pronto. By Guy Dimond

Find out more at curzoncinemas.com.

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