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Silent night: one in four of us spend Christmas alone

Posted at 3:15 pm, December 16, 2014 in News

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Are you winding down for a Christmas break with family and friends, counting the sleeps and over-indulging on mince pies? Well not to put a dampener on the Christmas spirit, but count yourself lucky, because over the past five years a surprising 25 percent of us have ended up spending Christmas alone. A survey commissioned by Travel Channel has revealed some interesting facts about us Londoners at Christmas time.

Not only have one in four of us spent Christmas alone, but over a third of those alone are aged 25-35, an age group that was also found to be the most likely to work on Christmas Day.

In the lead up to Christmas Day, men are the ones more likely to pull a sickie so that they can travel home earlier. So bosses, keep an eye out.

Of those of us who do have Christmas off work and plan to spend it with our families, 35 percent will travel between two or more homes to visit loved ones and probably scoff our faces with multiple Christmas dinners.

Embarrassingly, 32 percent of us Londoners will tell a few fibs to our loved ones about our whereabouts on Christmas Day. We reckon that’s probably because we’re sneaking off to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

Ever received a present from someone that looked uncannily like something you’d seen in their house? The survey also highlighted a high percentage of ‘re-gifting’ done by us Londoners, with 45 percent of us admitting to wrapping up an item from our home and re-gifting as a present for someone else. (Oops, we blame it on the house prices.)

By Laura Sagar

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