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There was £1,000 buried in the ground in Bloomsbury

Posted at 8:00 am, December 17, 2014 in Fun London
dirty money treasure hunt

When it comes to cash giveaways, the higher the sum, the more exciting it is, no? Seemingly not. London went bananas back in June for the Hidden Cash Twitter account, which stashed £50 in envelopes around the city. But last week, when letting agency Student Tenant decided to run its own version, burying a tasty £1,000 in cash, it went nigh-on unnoticed.

From last Monday, @StudentTenant tweeted a clue each day at 11am. Initially, it pinpointed the money in the Russell Square area. Then it hinted that the cash was in St George’s Gardens. Next it went all cryptic riddle-me-this, tweeting clues that sent confused participants to the wrong location. By Thursday, the clues were virtually thrusting the money into searchers’ hands: ‘In the leaves, people. Just to the right of one of the benches!’ read one tweet. ‘Right as you look at it!’ said another. ‘Ten yards from the obelisk!’ yelled a third.

Time Out’s very own Guy Parsons was one of the hopefuls. ‘The scene became somewhat like a zombie apocalypse,’ he said. ‘A dozen nerdy white guys with iPhones shuffling aimlessly amid the undergrowth, eyes cast to the floor. It was a painfully awkward, deeply polite and quintessentially English race for the prize.’

Eventually, a pair of UCL students unearthed the loot at 4pm. Their plan for the money? ‘To buy nice Christmas presents for people!’ How sweet. Here’s a question, though: would you be so generous? Actually, don’t tell us. We’ll find out on January 19: that’s when the next batch of money will be up for grabs.

Follow @StudentTenant for more info because they’re doing it again in the new year!

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