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London on Instagram: @HousesofLDN

Posted at 2:30 pm, December 22, 2014 in Photos of London
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HousesofLDN is a photography project curated by a group of friends: Karen, Sabrina, Rosella and Steffi.

The four were regularly meeting up to explore new areas of London when they decided to start running an Instagram account together. Falling in love with the architecture of the city, they decided to start a feed celebrating the best photos taken of London’s houses.

We asked them to give us a tour of London via their Instagram account.

1. Out of all your pictures of London, which is your favourite?

‘The one that had most likes is a beautiful picture by Nikifung. Our followers think that is the best so far and we agree!’

A photo posted by @housesofldn on

Photo via @NikiFung

2. What’s your favourite landmark to snap?

‘We had a common passion for houses that’s why we decided to create this hub. London houses are so unique, colourful as well as different from north to south or east to west. They have their own individual personality and our aim is to showcase their diversity as well as their beauty.’

A photo posted by @housesofldn on

Photo via @Londongrrl

3. What’s your go-to filter?

‘As a hub featuring our followers pictures we do not edit them, we only add our logo as a way of branding.’

A photo posted by @housesofldn on

Photo via @thepastamaster

4. Is there a photo you’ve seen that’s been unexpectedly brilliant?

‘Since we started this hub, we have had an incredible support and participation. With more than 400 followers and 700 pictures in our housesofldn tag, we feel we have managed to create a gallery that many people were looking for. All the pictures are very beautiful and really high quality, therefore it’s always hard to pick a daily winner!’

A photo posted by @housesofldn on

Photo via @miss_lucifer_

5. Where are the best houses in London?

‘Notting Hill area is a place of inspiration for our tag, as it has some of the prettiest houses in London.’

A photo posted by @housesofldn on

Photo via @alice_bourcier.

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