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Fourteen animals that shaped 2014

Posted at 4:30 pm, December 29, 2014 in Fun London

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It’s been a busy year for London’s animals. When they weren’t attempting to ride public transport, they were fighting back against human control. And they did it all while looking cute as a bleedin’ button.

Here are our favourite furry, feathery and fleshy friends of the year. 

1. The killer Hyde Park seagull

Winner of this year’s ‘most likely to star in a Tarentino movie’ award, the literal angry bird took revenge on the pigeons of Hyde Park in October. It drowned the critters in Serpentine lake before eating their bodies. #YOLO.


You know how your mum used to accuse you of being ‘glued to the PC’ when you were chatting up boys on MSN? Well, you’ve briefly experienced the life of super ant. Compulsively attracted to electrical appliances, they cause black outs and fires. They were found in London for the first time ever in July and everybody panicked.


3. The ‘baby-killing’ snakes from Europe

Snakes get a bad rep, bless ’em. A bunch of the reptiles popped across the channel to do some sightseeing along Regent’s Canal in May. National newspapers accused them of killing pets and babies. Turns out they were harmlessssssss.

4. The bunny on the bus

Hey you, sitting at home, moaning: ‘Bunnies can hop, that rabbit’s just bloody lazy! Bet it didn’t even pay full fare!’ The life of a bunny can be very hard work and sometimes they need to be able to get from A to B without ruining their hare in the rain. Plus, look how cute it is.


5. These ducks 

Look at them goooooooo.


6.  Cows with jobs

In August, red poll cattle were recruited to keep the grass under control at Bedfords Park. Their grazing prowess is expected to save the council £300,000 over ten years. The udderly talented animals were chosen because of their lack of horns and totally chilled temperament (sound like the perfect colleagues to us).

7. The goats on the tube

This not-at-all-staged candid photo showed the moment when goats made their way through the gates at Vauxhall station. Goats are very passionate about promoting the new overground map of the Victoria line, dontcha know.


8. The horse that tried to board a bus

When Boris Johnson was asked whether pets (and more specifically horses) could ride on London buses, he said something along the lines of ‘YES! YES! YES!’ Turns out what he meant was ‘it’s at the discretion of the driver’  because these ponies were not allowed to board.

9. The foxy fox that fell through a hospital roof

The real-life Fantastic Mr Fox nose-dived through the roof of a  paediatric ward at North Middlesex University Hospital in Edmonton. We can only assume he was there to visit a sick relative and/or is an emergency doctor.


10. The happy dog in King’s Cross fountain

Admit it: you’re too cowardly to live life like this brave, brave pooch.

11. The bird that stalked a woman

NHS worker Natasha Malhotra was stalked across London by a colourful Chinese bird in October. First, the gold pheasant showed up at her office in Hounslow then it headed to her old primary school in Walthamstow. To be honest, it needs a better disguise if it’s going to keep this up.


12. This giant hedgehog

Spoiler: it’s not real.


13. The Heathrow swan

In what looked like a sketch the Chuckle Brothers would be proud of, a cheeky swan got Heathrow workers in a flap on November 3. The badass bird wandered on to the runway a gave security the slip.

14. All the cats everywhere

Question: do cats ever have a bad year? Answer: no, never. This year saw the launch of an 24-hour online cat channel, a community cat-sitting service and, of course, THE CAT CAFE. Museums across London (and the whole freakin’ world) celebrated our feline friends with the hashtag #museumcats. High brow.


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