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The year in review: our 14 biggest blog posts of 2014

Posted at 12:30 pm, December 31, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, News
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Week in, week out we bring your rarefied, insightful coverage of London’s arts and culture. But what do you guys actually read? Join us, if you will, as we countdown the 14 most-read posts of the year…

14) Would you live in a cupboard for £40 a week?

cupboardThis dodgy/cosy residency in Paddington appeared on Gumtree and went on to raise eyebrows across London. Still, a bargain if you ask us.

13) The Cereal Killer Café opens on Brick Lane

cereal killer cafe

This seemingly innocuous café somehow OUTRAGED thousands of people, because the guys who run it have beards. (Also, do you know that they’re selling things for more than they cost? Disgusting!) In any case, plenty of you hate-clicked the article to see our opening-day photos and video interview with the owners. HURR HURR NATHAN BARLEY HURR YEAH? Yeah mate, have some Cheerios and calm down.

12) Could this be the ultimate tube map redesign?

tube map redesign

In retrospect, we may have oversold this in the headline slightly. But it is rather nice (the Overground’s a perfect circle!) and Jug Cerovic’s effort to create a standardised metro design for subway systems around the world pushed your cartographic buttons.

11) Get the litter scoop: behind the scenes at London’s first cat café

Cat Cafe ©David Tett

Before Cerealgate came the much-anticipated cat café. Back in January, we had a sneak preview of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium before it opened to the public, and Time Out readers purred with delight (or at least liked it 44,000 times on Facebook).

10) The Victoria line control room just got flooded with concrete


Not one week later, the Victoria line ground to a standstill after the workplace mishap to end all mishaps. An anonymous contractor with a taste for catastrophe kindly leaked photos of the quick-setting chaos on Twitter. YOU HAD ONE JOB, CONCRETE POURING GUY.

9) London’s first cat café is finally opening!

cat cafe 2

These guys again? Oh yes! Happily milking the kitty parlour for all the pageviews it was worth, our subsequent announcement of Lady Dinah’s opening date (with more photos, naturally) gave all y’all a serious case of the weeblies.

8) These clever benches are the opposite of anti-homelessness spikes


In June, the 1,873rd Twitterstorm of the year centred on a London apartment building, which had installed spikes around their entranceway to deter rough sleepers. So there was a lot of love for these adverts on Canadian benches, which fold upwards to become rain shelters – a counter-example of how design could help rather than harass the homeless.

7) Don’t be a twat: parody posters tackle antisocial behaviour on the tube

Don't Be A Twat Tube Parody Posters

No doubt you’ve winced at TfL’s knuckle-cracklingly twee tube etiquette campaign, with their dainty fucking rhyming couplets imploring us not to eat smelly food/play loud music/hump the armrests, while themselves declining to abide by the traditions of poetic rhythm and metre. Twitter genius @TechnicallyRon decided to punch up the copy a bit, to deeply satisfying effect. No one cares about your life, STEVE.

6) 20 tube photos that are way better than photos of women eating

tube animals

Back in May, we were all weirdly creeped out by a Facebook group devoted to candid photos of women eating on the tube. (The outrage may have dissipated but the group remains.) We collected some photos of funny tube happenings for us all to look at instead.

5) Brick Lane’s beigel shop closes down


There was a Brick Lane baked goods brouhaha in May as the ‘yellow beigel shop’ suddenly shut its doors. There was anguish from some, and scarcely concealed delighted from the fanatical supporters of the ‘white beigel shop’ next door, which they hold to be the One True Beigel Shop, Salt Beef Be Upon It. Depending on your partisan stripe, it was either a heavenly resurrection or the sacrilegious continuance of a heresy when it re-opened a few days later.

4) The top 10 things not to do in London


We spend 52 weeks a year finding out the best stuff to do in London and telling you about it. So, quelle surprise, our contrary readership went absolutely Clickity Tits for this list of things not to do in London. You’re tearing me apart, readers!

3) This honest tube map tells it like it is

If the Tube map told the truth ©Buzzfeed

We saw it on Buzzfeed, we put it on our blog, it was our third biggest post of the year. Ain’t that a thing?

2) Depressing flat advert of the day


£737 to live in a room where the kitchen is leaning distance from the bed. Even more depressing: it was snapped up within 16 hours. Thankfully Islington Council blocked it from being rented out and The Guardian wrote a profile about the landlord in question.

1) 62 things you’ll never hear a Londoner say


This is it, I’ve found it, here’s the worst thing ever published’ scowled ‘@bain3z’ on Twitter. Which just goes to show you can’t please all of the people, all of the time – this wry take on thoughts you’re unlikely to hear in London was our most read blog post of the entire year. Listicles till we die!

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