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Drink your way to a better 2015

Posted at 3:00 pm, January 8, 2015 in Food & Drink

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Make a new exercise plan, Fran. Knock back that juice, Bruce. Get a new hobby, Bobby. This January, sort your body (and your life) out with the help of Eddy Frankel’s exhaustive round-up of how to be a better human. Let’s go with drink.

Ali Baba’s beetroot, apple and wasabi juice.
In some countries, a liquidated mixture of beetroot, apple and wasabi would be called soup. But in Peckham, where Ali Baba plies its trade, it’s juice. And it’s both delicious and good for you.

Sibberi’s Birch water
Get ready for this year’s biggest liquid trend – birch water. A couple of bottles of this and you might be the healthiest, most serene human on earth. Or not, but it’s worth a punt innit?

The Juice Well’s cashew nut milk
Nut milk may sound like the rudest, product you can legally buy in the UK, but it’s actually a great alternative to dairy, filled with Omega 3 and micronutrients. This cashew one from The Juice Well is one of our faves.

Crussh’s smart coffee
You’d think that putting butter in your coffee would be a terrible mistake. But it actually tastes delightfully creamy, and with the addition of Bulletproof oil, it apparently acts as ‘brain fuel’ to sharpen your awareness.

Juice Tonic’s Elixir of the Lake shot
What do you mean you don’t think drinking algae is a good idea? Of course it is, it’s good for you! At Juice Tonic, they do it in shot form, and when have you ever regretted doing shots?

Five more to try

Roots & Bulbs’ greenspacked ‘G1 juice’.

Plenish’s Cacao Maca Cashew drink.

Planet Organic’s Bulletproof Coffee.

LabOrganic’s Coconut H2O.

Lovage’s Gold juice (apple, sweet potato, red pepper and ginger).

Find ways to eat yourself better in 2015,

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