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Five things we learned from ‘Better Call Saul’

Posted at 8:00 am, February 2, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
Better Call Saul

We’ve seen the first two episodes of Netflix’s follow-up to ‘Breaking Bad’. Don’t worry, though. We won’t give any crucial plot deets away. Promise

1. Saul ends up working in a branch of Cinnabon post-‘Breaking Bad’…

We swear this isn’t a major spoiler: you figure it out within the first ten seconds of episode one. But despite this series acting as a prequel to Saul’s life in ‘BB’, ‘Better Call Saul’ opens in the present, with a moustachioed Saul wiping down tables in a Nebraskan branch of the US chain of cinnamon bun eateries. Well, he was always good at cleaning up other people’s mess.

2. …but he doesn’t seem that happy about it

Seriously. We catch a glimpse of him (also in the opening couple of minutes, don’t worry!) going home and rewatching his old ‘Better Call Saul’ ads on VHS. The dude looks like he’s watching a mash-up of the moment Bambi’s mother dies, the assassination of President Kennedy and Two Girls One Cup.

3. You won’t be able to binge-watch

It’s Netflix, so that means being able to watch every episode in one long eyeball-dessicating, social-life wrecking Saulgasm, right? Wrong. Each of the ten episodes will be released separately. The first two episodes will be out on consecutive days (Monday February 9 and Tuesday February 10), but after that each one drops on a Tuesday at 7am UK time.

4. In his pre-‘Breaking Bad’ life, it’s all not good, man, for Saul Goodman

Firstly – as ‘BB’ geeks will recall from his first appearance in the show – the name ain’t actually Saul Goodman at all. It’s Jimmy. Jimmy McGill. Secondly, this ain’t no pimpin’ version of the character. This is a struggling lawyer paying his dues on the way to the top. The financial top. Not the moral top, obviously.

5. It’s not gonna grab you like ‘Breaking Bad’

Remember the first ep of series one? Where ten seconds in, Bryan Cranston, an RV and a pair of Y-fronts barrelled out of a desert haze and into your heart forever? ‘…Saul’ is much more of a slow burner. There’s plenty of good stuff, but for our money it was lacking a little oomph. Will it end up being as good as ‘BB’? Here’s hoping. Bitch.

The opening two ‘Better Call Saul’ episodes debut on Netflix at 7am on Mon Feb 9 and Tue Feb 10.

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