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Join an after-hours crime scene at the Natural History Museum

Posted at 2:30 pm, February 2, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London


The Natural History Museum is going all Sherlock on us by organising a series of forensic evenings that let us tag along to three different crime scenes.

1. The Case of the Murdered Smuggler

Early next month you keen criminologists have the chance to detect illegal animal trade with forensic zoology, examine maggot evidence with forensic entomologists, and use forensic palynology to analyse pollen from the victim’s nasal cavity. Eurgh (but cool). February 6.


2. The Case of the Decaying Deceased

Next up is identifying the victim using forensic anthropology (the study of humans). Work with a forensic botanist to discover the suspect’s whereabouts and time of death by studying insects with forensic entomology. March 6.

3. The Case of the Professor in the Pond

The final crime scene scenario lets you analyse the victim’s lungs to find out whether they drowned, inspect insect larvae to establish when the victim died, and investigate evidence with the Metropolitan police to pinpoint the suspect. Dates TBC.

For more info and to book tickets take a look here.

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