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Something fishy is going on in the Clissold Park ponds

Posted at 5:30 pm, February 3, 2015 in Animals
© Environment Agency

© Environment Agency

Clissold Park: today a scene of bucolic beauty coated in last night’s gentle snowfall. However, this is also a scene under threat by one of Europe’s most terrifying species (no, don’t worry, Chicken Man isn’t back), the topmouth gudgeon. It was reported today that all fish in the moats and ponds of the Stoke Newington park are to be poisoned in a bid to eradicate this little fishy.

Sometimes the biggest threats come in tiny packages. The average topmouth gudgeon usually only grows to be as large as 2cm-7cm in length. Yet this relative of the carp originally native to Asia is known to pose a very real danger to natural habitats thanks to its voracious appetite for the eggs of other fish. The Environmental Agency will be stepping in this month to administer piscicide to the waters to eliminate this rogue species, sadly wiping out all other fishy residents of the park in the process.

It really is true what they say. You don’t know what you’ve cod till it’s gone.

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