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Could London clubbers face breathalyser tests?

Posted at 3:30 pm, February 4, 2015 in Music & Nightlife

‘NO ID, NO ENTRY’ – the message repeated by generations of bouncers since the dawn of time (probably). But things could be about to get more complicated.

London clubbers might soon be asked to take a breathalyser test before entering venues – along with providing a valid form of identification. The Metropolitan Police is hoping to introduce the new ‘check up’ policy as part of a clamp-down on booze-fuelled fights in the city.

Bouncers will have the chance to check whether punters are too drunk to YOLO responsibly and will reportedly be checking they haven’t drunk more the three and a half pints (twice the legal driving limit). It’s hoped the scheme will stop partiers getting on the pre-lash before heading out to town (because no-one ever binge drinks in clubs). 

The plan was piloted in Croydon and was apparently a success. Chief Inspector Gary Taylor said: ‘(Bouncers) have told us that it did help reduce violence and confrontations involving door staff. The breathalyser helped to stop people who were persistently trying to get into clubs when they’d clearly had too much to drink. In the past door staff would get involved in long arguments with people who were refused entry. People who were arguing with staff were more likely to accept the results of the breathalyser.’

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