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Five reasons why London rules the art world

Posted at 8:00 am, February 4, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment

Anita Zabludowicz © Rob Greig

From the Turbine Hall to public transport, art is massive in London, not to mention better than anywhere else on the planet. Fact. here’s five reasons why London rules the art world in 2015.

We’re nicer than NYC

Super-collector Anita Zabludowicz doesn’t like to talk money, but the Newcastle-born north Londoner has spent millions on art over the past two decades. Much of it is by London artists (more than a quarter of her 500-strong collection is by Brits), and you can see it for nothing in shows at the Zabludowicz Collection, which is housed in a remarkable former chapel in Chalk Farm. It’s creating good karma Manhattan can only dream of. ‘20 Years of Collecting’ is at Zabludowicz Collection. Apr 30 until Aug 16. Free.

Vanessa Carlos © Rob Greig

We’re cooler than Berlin

Smiley and self-effacing, Vanessa Carlos is not what you’d expect of one of the most in-demand art dealers on the planet, yet hers is the gallery every young artist wants to show with and every scenester needs to be seen at. If you want to know what the most talked about art in 2015 looks like, forget Mitte and make her Mile End Road space your first port of call. www.carlosishikawa.com

Adham Faramawy © Rob Greig

We’re more fragrant than Paris

Yes, perfume can be art. RA Schools grad Adham Faramawy has created a scent to be sold online which is designed to make you think of an imaginary pop star called Hatsume Miku. Confusing? Yes, a little bit. Cool? Definitely. Faramawy’s other works are often sexy – like the gold nugget-like monochrome above – and sometimes slimy, but we’d take his London gunge over a dip in the Seine any day of the week. www.adhamfaramawy.blogspot.co.uk


We’re cheap (in a good way)

Entry to the Louvre? €12 s’il vous plait. A visit to New York’s Moma? Gee, that’ll be $25. How about the National Gallery (2,300 masterpieces), Tates Britain and Modern (1,500 artworks) and the National Portrait Gallery (1,500 portraits). Oh, they’re free! Take that, Paris and New York! Find London’s best paintings at www.timeout.com/100 paintings

Lee Wagstaff tumblr

We’re shocking (also in a good way)

Loved ones. What do you do when the inevitable happens? Write a touching eulogy? Or have your dear relative’s skull crushed into particles small enough to fit into a 3D printer and use the powder to make an accurate replica of your own skull (right)? If you’re Lee Wagstaff, it’s the latter. Look out for the end product in Wagstaff’s wicked show ‘The Last Adam’, which will be held during Frieze in October. London artists: such  a head for scandal. www.leewagstaff.com

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