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‘Crossrail for bikes’ is happening (and building starts next month!)

Posted at 5:30 pm, February 4, 2015 in News

Last September we brought you the news that – after a terrifying trend of lorry-related deaths – ‘Crossrail for bikes’ had been proposed by TfL. Well, today those plans have been approved.

London is getting four new cycle highways (east-west, north-south, CS1 and the inner section of CS5) as well as upgrades to the existing routes. The new routes will span nine boroughs and are expected to be finished by the end of 2016.

They’ll cost around £160 million to install, but are expected to treble the number of cycle journeys that take place in the city over the next ten years.

Boris Johnson said: ‘We know that Londoners want these routes and that they want them to be delivered to the high standard I promised, as quickly as possible. I will keep that promise and spades will begin hitting the ground next month.’

Good news for cyclists everywhere!

Here’s five things you need to know about the cycle super-highways

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