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This Harry Potter themed pub quiz is the muggle Tri-Wizard Cup

Posted at 2:30 pm, February 4, 2015 in Fun London

Grab your invisibility cloak and perfect your patronus charm, there’s a Harry Potter-themed pub quiz on the horizon. The Gallery Café on Old Ford Road is playing host to the wonderful wizarding event next Friday (February 13), which will test punters’ knowledge about the books and films. It’s like the Tri-Wizard Cup but with no risk of death. 

The quiz costs £2 per person to enter, and you can play in teams of six or join a team picked out of the sorting hat (obvs). Plus, there’s going to be homemade butterbeer on sale.

Don’t think that it’s all fun and games though: there’s some serious fighting talk going on over on the Facebook page. One commenter writes: ‘This is what I have been saving my Felix Felicis for. You poor Muggles don’t stand a chance. Those golden Galleons are all mine’. Meanwhile someone else posts: ‘Don’t make me apparate over there and unforgivable curse your ass.’


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