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Would you take the ‘London Underline’?

Posted at 5:30 pm, February 5, 2015 in News, Transport

Forget cycle superhighways, they’re so yesterday! February 5 is all about the ‘London Underline’ – a proposed network of underground cycle paths that’s just won Best Conceptual Project at the London Planning awards.

Developed by design firm Gensler, the project would turn unused tube tunnels into parallel cycle tracks and walkways. The paths would be lined with restaurants and click-and-collect points for online shopping (fancy!). Plus, they’d use ‘kinetic paving’, which uses friction to create electricity. Welcome to the future, folks.


The new system would make use of a forgotten section of the Piccadilly line, between Holborn and Aldwych Station. It would also take advantage of the unused Jubilee tunnel from Green Park to Charing Cross, as well as a section between Goodge Street and Stockwell.

It’s hoped the plan would reduce congestion and help the environment, but it’s also got money-making potential. There’s talk that the route wouldn’t be directly connected to ground level, so you’d have to tap in with your Oyster card or hire a Boris bike.

What, you thought you could cycle or walk around London for free? See the full video below:

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