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Counting sheep: 12 baa-dass facts about ‘Shaun the Sheep: The Movie’

Posted at 2:30 pm, February 6, 2015 in Fun London
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Wallace & Gromit’s woolly friend is about to star in his own film. Andy Hill reveals the unbaa-lievable facts and figures behind ‘Shaun the Sheep: The Movie’.

Mutton dressed as lamb?
Shaun is approximately 150 in sheep years. He first appeared on screen on Christmas Eve 1995 in Wallace & Gromit’s ‘A Close Shave’, meaning he’s twice the age of the average woolly old-timer.

5 Shaun’s tally of surprisingly funny fart gags (no wonder he looks so sheepish).

Hairspray and PVA glue
The formula sprayed in a fine mist over Shaun to keep his fleece in tip-top shape for his Hollywood debut.

Flock together
Shaun has 5,358,252 likes on Facebook, making him vastly more popular than David Cameron (a frankly lame 457,725).

Shepherd’s pie chart
The clay models making up the ‘Shaun the Sheep’ cast:

2314 Shaun the Sheep Blogs2

*’others’ includes: two cats, two ducks, a cockerel, two bulls, a cow, two goats, two hedgehogs, a goldfish, a chameleon, a tortoise, a spider, a butterfly and two lobsters.

The number of jokes about Welsh people… 0

2314 Shaun the Sheep Blogs3

(More than) three bags full
Animators used 80 metres of fleece to create Shaun’s flock of pals, just 16m short of the height of Big Ben.

The number of hand-animated frames in the film.

Two seconds

That’s the average amount of footage animators would complete in a whole day. The film took ten months to shoot (with another year spent before that in preparation). HR MIN SEC

During pre-production, animators drew an astonishing 79,237 storyboards before hitting the clay: shear determination.

Sharm El-Sheep
Shaun is wildly popular in the Middle East, and a 45-minute stage show based on him and his world plays regularly in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Setting the baa high
Last year Shaun bleat tough competition to top a poll of favourite BBC children’s characters. Postman Pat placed second and Sooty came third. Suck on that, Fireman Sam!

‘Shaun the Sheep: The Movie’ is released on Fri Feb 6. Read our review here.

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