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These words make your rent cheaper

Posted at 5:30 pm, February 7, 2015 in Property

We talk a lot about the struggle of finding somewhere to rent in London, but don’t mention the challenges of letting a property that often. 

The Mirror has done a clever bit of research into how the words people use in their rental ads change how much people are willing to spend to live there. Looking at the words used in the 1,000 most recent property ads on Rightmove, they found that if the property is ‘near’ anything people are willing to pay £634 per month more than the average. Especially if it’s a bar.

So far, so normal, but when it comes to travel connections, things get weird. A vague mention of ‘transport’ meant people would pay more, but pointing out a flat’s proximity to a bus stop lowered the price people would pay by £298 (Uber on the brain). Another strange result was that while people were willing to pay £419 more than average for an ‘immaculate’ home, they were less than impressed by a ‘clean’ house – paying £455 less than average. WHAT’S GOING ON, GUYS?!

Anyway, we’re searching for clean properties near bus routes next time we move.

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