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Google Maps labels 10 Downing Street as ‘The Cesspit’

Posted at 2:30 pm, February 9, 2015 in Fun London, News
the cesspit

Oh Google, you funny guys you!

Here’s a fun fact to brighten your mundane Monday, if you type ‘The Cesspit’ into Google Maps it takes you straight to 10 Downing Street. No joke, give it a go!

Apparently this edit has been recognised and will be changed soon so have a good LOL while you can.

the cesspit on Make A Gif

But that’s not all!

‘The Shithole’ redirects to White Hart Lane. Poor Spurs!
‘Bellends’ will take you to the Cereal Killer Café. Poor Hipster Jedward.
And ‘Wankers’ to the ‘Prick Your Finger’ knitting shop in Bethnal Green. (Although Google might just think ‘wanker’ is a synonym for ‘prick.’)

Can you find any more? Let us know!

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