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It takes three minutes for a London lady to tell if she wants a second date (and other fun London dating facts)

Posted at 4:30 pm, February 10, 2015 in Dating, Fun London, News
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Time Out has been polling people in cities around the world about their dating adventures. Now, for your delectation, we can reveal what we’ve learned from the thousands of Londoners that took part. Here’s what passes for romance these days, hashtag eyeroll.

1) Women make their mind up about guys extremely quickly.

We asked how quickly people made their minds up about a new date. The answer is, really quickly. Sixty percent of women said they can tell if they want a second date with a guy within two or three minutes. In fact, 14 percent said they can tell the moment they lay eyes on their date. Crikey. Men are marginally more inclined to see how things go, with only 37 percent deciding quite so quickly. Needless to say, everyone could be saving themselves a lot of time and money by bailing before anyone’s had a chance to order drinks.

2) Men think women have an easier time dating, while women think it’s equally easy for both sexes.

We asked if people thought men or women had an easier time of dating, or if neither had an advantage. Fifty-one percent of men think women have an easier time dating. Only 19 percent of women agree – 42 percent of women think it’s even Stevens, while 29 percent think guys have it easier. Oh dear.

3) Let me get that. No, you don’t have to. No, I insist. Really, I’d rather contribute. And so on.

We asked who usually pays at the end of a first date. Fifty-seven percent of guys claim they tend to pick up a bill, with 33 percent opting to split it. A majority of women expect to split (55 percent) while only five percent make a habit of paying for everything.


4) About half of people Google their dates beforehand.

Fifty percent of men and 58 percent of women usually Google someone they’re about to go on a date with. We are stunned – stunned! – that half of people don’t, frankly.

5) Oooh, are you finished with that?

A remarkable 40 percent of people have dated a friend’s ex. Remarkable, that is, until we had a show of hands around the table, and, well, it actually seems like it checks out. Huh.

6) Oh, you aren’t?

Seventeen percent of respondents have dated someone that’s married. BAD RESPONDENTS.

7) Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy! But here’s my number. Let’s have sex, maybe.

Thirty-six percent of men described first-date sex as ‘always allowed.’ Twelve percent of women agreed.

8) But then guys are willing to lock the whole thing down quicker, too.

We asked people how many dates they’d probably go on until they had sex, went exclusive, and considered themselves part of a couple. Guys gave lower numbers for all three:

Sleeping together: 3.03 vs 3.57
Stop seeing other people: 4.8 vs 5.3
Declaring yourselves an item: 7.8 vs 9.3

So thirsty… for commitment.

We polled thousands of people from Adelaide to Vancouver, and the exciting results are here.

(Good news, by the way: everyone’s agreed that an English accent is the sexiest.)

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