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Five tasty ways to celebrate Pancake Day

Posted at 4:30 pm, February 16, 2015 in Food & Drink

Our favourite holidays are the ones where we get to saturate our body with the maximum number of calories, all while under the guise of vague religious tradition. Pancake Day (tomorrow, Tues Feb 16!) is up there as one of the best: mainly because of the limitless topping options, but also because you can legitimately eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here’s how to celebrate the big PD in London this year.

1. Enter a pancake eating competition

Need an excuse to gorge yourself silly? Polo 24 Hour Bar in Bishopsgate is challenging visitors to chow down on entire foot-high stacks of banana pancakes in just 25 minutes. Complete the task and you’ll get a bottle of champagne – and the speediest eater will win a brunch voucher. Meanwhile in Canary Wharf, hungry folk can enter a ‘Man vs Pancake’ challenge at Plateau. Competitors can win a three-course brunch plus unlimited bubbles if they finish 20 pancakes with maple syrup and bacon in just one hour. You’ve gotta book in advance though.

2. Pick up a free pancake

Hey, you – moaning about the price of eggs, flour and syrup – you can pick up free pancakes at a number of flipping good spots across London tomorrow. Newman Street Tavern is giving them away to anyone who orders a tea and coffee between 7.30am and 11am. The folk behind Farr’s School of Dinners are also giving away 242 pancakes at their kitchen’s launch at Farr’s School of Dancing in Dalston tomorrow. Plus, All Star Lanes are giving away free stacks of pancakes (complete with maple syrup, blueberry compote and whipped cream) to anyone who books a meal for two.

3. Eat some edgy pancakes

Forget sugar and lemon juice, try Korean-inspired pancakes with kimchi at The Pearson Room, a coconut pancake with mango and passion fruit at 108 Brasserie or pancakes with poached kumquats and blood-orange cointreau cream at Proud Archivist pop-up Where The Pancakes Are (running until February 22).

4. Hang out with a head chef

Getting pancake flipping advice from a professional at Ethos tomorrow. They’re giving visitors the chance to make pancakes with their head chef in return for a donation to Battersea Home for Dogs & Cats.

5. Stay home and make healthy pancakes

Want to get battered at home instead? We talked to Google about what kind of pancake recipes people are searching for and it turns out we’re a pretty health-conscious lot. While the rest of the country Google recipes for pancakes with cream and chocolate and caramel, Londoners are searching for low-fat, carb-free pancakes. Top searches include: ‘sweet potato pancakes’, ‘cauliflower pancakes’ and ‘flour-less pancakes’. YOLO, guys.

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