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Underground dining: a seven-course meal on a tube carriage

Posted at 3:15 pm, February 16, 2015 in Food & Drink, Transport

What’s your favourite tube-based foodstuff? Tomato purée maybe? Smarties? Pringles? Calippos? What about a luxury tasting menu? We know what you’re thinking: that doesn’t come in a blummin’ tube! No, but when Trip4Real is involved it does come in THE tube. That’s right, this supper club takes place twice a week in a real-life London Underground carriage. A decommissioned 1967 Victoria line one in Walthamstow, to be exact.


Buy a round(el) of drinks at the bar and prepare for a seven-course culinary journey which includes blue cheese baked figs, slow-roasted pulled pork and prosecco sorbet and will be way more enjoyable than your normal tube journey. ‘Do you serve oysters?’ we asked the organisers with a wink. ‘No,’ they said. Hopefully they’ll still give you a top-up. Get it? Drinks? Oyster? Top-up? Forget it.

£50 per head. Available on request for various dates. Buy tickets now at trip4real.com.

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