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Get quality booze delivered to your doorstep

Posted at 5:00 pm, February 20, 2015 in Food & Drink
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Between the wine Neanderthals and the wine bores, there’s a huge swathe of drinkers who would call themselves enthusiasts if the subject didn’t seem so damn impenetrable. A gap exists for educators – and retailers – keen to cash in on this thirst for knowledge.

Step forward The Grape Club, the brainchild of two cousins from a wine-growing background. They’re on a mission to, in their own words, ‘de-nobbify’ the world of wine by introducing members to inspiring bottles that have never set foot on a supermarket shelf.

For £45 per month and no membership fee, you receive four bottles of wine, each with a handy tasting note. And if you particularly like any of the wines you taste, you can of course buy more.

Wine clubs are nothing new, but there’s always a place for a straightforward service that delivers decent booze to your doorstep: this new club already has more than 100 members.

If you prefer to improve your knowledge in the highly convivial setting of evening classes, we can thoroughly recommend the corking wine classes listed in our feature.

By Nicola Arencibia

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